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Meet Merry

I'm a homesteading artist, writer, and teacher living the gnome life in the woods of Western New York. I've been art obssessed since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush. Three decades later and I've built my life around clay, paint, paper, and wool.

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My Work

I’ve been obsessed with nature and fantastical creatures like robots and monsters for my whole life. My artwork tends to reflect that. I love having fun with my art, adding whimsical and humorous touches. My goal is always to make people smile.

Ceramic Mushroom House


I update my Etsy shop once a month with new clay creations! From llama pots to robots, I make it my business to fill your home with ceramic joy!

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Fresh from the Blog

Want to see what's going on in my neck of the woods? The blog features all my latest work.

Daily Draw, Week 7

5/3: Day 43 Fun numerology this week, with the calendar day matching the day of the

Daily Draw: Week 6

4/26: Day 36 A little watercolor and ink owl for today. 4/27: Day 37 Two

Daily Draw Week 5

4/19: Day 29 I missed doing my drawing today, for the first time. We spent the day

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